You might notice a very lengthy gap between my first post and this one, about two years in fact. I’m still alive, but I lost my momentum on the blog. 2011 was an eventful year in my personal life. My intentions for the blog were never realized, and at present I’m not sure if and when the blog will take off. But, this morning I’m feeling inspired to write a little update on my weight gain resolution.

In the beginning of 2011 I saw a gradual weight gain. I focused on eating more and increasing the body resistance training from my kung fu system. I knew I would have to add additional resistance training to meet my goals, but stress in my personal life was sapping some of my mental reserves. By the end of March I was struggling with maintaining my appetite, and in April I began losing the weight I had gained through early March. By the end of July I was a pound below my starting weight at the beginning of the year. With only five months remaining, my 130 lb goal seemed nearly impossible.

I continued to track my weight for most of that period. Click the image below to see my weight trend. I stitched together some screen output from my Libra phone app into one long graph.

Libra weight trend

My weight trend through July.


For many people stress management is key to meeting health goals. With respect to weight goals, stress can increase eating behaviors (think comfort foods) or it can sap appetite. I fall into the latter category, so even though I began lifting weights 1-2 times weekly in June, I continued to drop pounds. I was gaining some muscle mass, but progress was very slow.

Things didn’t change for me until the end of July when I began to take control of my depressed mood and anxious thoughts. I was tired of feeling a victim to my circumstance, and changed my internal dialogue. Interestingly, the more I counted my blessings and repeated positive affirmations, the more positive occurrences I experienced in my life. I began to feel better about myself and my life. My appetite increased accordingly. I’ll finish this update in the next post.

How have you experienced stress affecting your health or weight?